Overcome Business Obstacles with Perseverance

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Viet An Group, located in Thu Duc City, Vietnam, is a leader in consulting and installing automatic environmental monitoring stations in Vietnam.


We face tremendous challenges due to the nature of our business as well as the diversity of our human resources — multiple regions, multiple business sectors, multiple generations of workforces including millennials.

Before implementing EOS®, Viet An Group had been stuck trying to drive every employee in the same direction. Our employees, even the ones at a high level, could not see the big picture, making them confused in adhering to our mission, vision, and company goals. As a result, Viet An Group lost many talented people through brain drain.

In addition, our Board of Management could not understand the feelings and ambitions of our employees and there was no effective way to cascade our mission, vision, and company goals.


We discovered that when we used consultants to implement other systems, things would go back to the way they were after the consultant left. We finally chose EOS, and our people say that we are so lucky to have found it.


First, EOS has helped our leadership team clarify our company’s mission, vision, and targets (from long-term to short-term) with the V/TO™ Tool. The Tool also allows us to paint the big picture of Viet An Group based on market analysis and competitive advantages.

Second, EOS has been supporting us in cascading our business goals with the Level 10 Meeting™. Truthfully, it has increased connection and empathy among our employees.

It has also enabled all of our staff to know how to hold a meeting by discussing and finding solutions to prioritized issues. From there, we can deal with issues weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annually.

Third, EOS has a Tool called the People Analyzer™. This is a simple tool that helps us recruit personnel for Viet An Group. EOS also provides a clear and transparent system to track employee performance. That has resulted in our human resources department not needing another system or tool for this purpose, and our employees have been thankful for the minimal tension in assessing their performance.


Although Viet An Group was seriously affected by COVID-19 when all production and business activities were halted, we took advantage of the lockdown period as a golden opportunity to strengthen the company as well as to train employees on additional skills and increase knowledge at all levels to prepare for the reopening day.

It is lucky that Viet An Group decided to implement EOS in 2021. Thanks to EOS, our leadership team and staff have methods and tools to connect as a whole, increase traction, understand our business, and commit to our goals during the crisis period of the COVID-19 lockdown in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.

Viet An provides equipment to measure water quality before it is discharged at factories. To lead effectively in today’s competitive and fast-changing landscape, we need to be flexible. Sometimes we need to ignite the passion of helping to protect the environment in our employees so they know their work gives them value to society.


We have to make many tough decisions in terms of human resources and finances. We can delegate our work to other people, but we also need to do work on our own. We usually cascade messages publicly, but there is also a need at times for private conversations. Therefore, we have to be flexible in our leadership style, depending on the situation.

The Tools of EOS have persuaded me and the whole board of management to develop a flexible leadership lifestyle. With everyone using the EOS Tools, everything is now in its place and we have become a smooth-running machine.


As a member of the board of management in many companies, I have witnessed difficulties that are similar to those of Viet An Group. I believe EOS is the key to overcoming them.

But in the early days of implementing EOS, you may find it’s simple, but not easy.

For our company, EOS was a new model to be implemented in cooperation with our Professional EOS Implementer®. It pushes your employees to have more workloads: They need to focus their attention on EOS to get used to it while doing their daily work. The common reaction is that your employees just try to get it done, and therefore, the result of the first two quarters does not reflect the nature of your business.

It is easy to have your belief fade away after doing anything for a while in your business, especially during the first two quarters. Your board of management must be determined and be there for your employees, especially at the middle-management level, with your Implementer.


Given the value EOS offers, the team’s perseverance is well worth it. By just overcoming the above two obstacles, EOS helps you along in your journey to realize your dreams.


What makes EOS distinctive is that it is possible to select suitable tools and apply them in parts first. It reduces the workload and gradually transforms your company to avoid resistance from your own people. Therefore, it is natural for your people to be more accountable and feel the effectiveness of EOS.

EOS Worldwide’s source: https://www.eosworldwide.com/business-spotlight/overcome-business-obstacles

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